19 Greek Street

Founded in 2012 by creative director Marc Peridis, 19 Greek Street is a London-based multipurpose space that combines an experimental design gallery, an interior design studio (clients include Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwood), and a materials library and workshop. 19 Greek Street was responsible for launching the first ever 3D-printed furniture collection in the United Kingdom—Dirk Vander Kooij’s Endless series, in 2010). The gallery, which is set in a Victorian townhouse, also places great emphasis on sustainable, craft-driven, and cutting-edge design; in 2012, it presented the award-winning Re-Imagined collection by Nina Tolstrup, which was created by recycling discarded office chairs. Its design roster features Richard Hutten, gt2P, Studio Noam Dover and Michal Cederbaum, Yoav Reches, Supercyclers, Van Aubel and Shaw, Werner Aisslinger, Juan Pablo Naranjo, and Merel Karhof, among others.