Founded in Milan in 2011, Eligo specializes in the modern manufacture of traditional and historically important Italian artisanal pieces. Working with a network of significant artisan enterprises throughout the country—most of whom have a deep-rooted history in the Italian market—it produces and promotes classic ceramics, cookware, furniture, and more. The team comprises Domenico Rocca (born in Sassoulo, Modena in 1981), Alberto Nespoli (born in Milan in 1981), Paolo Tarulli (born in Pordenone in 1980), and Leo Prusicki (born in Milan in 1979).

Projects to date include, among others, Green Glass from Empoli, which was inspired by centuries-old Tuscan glassmaking traditions; the Chiavari chair, a modern recreation of the lightweight 1807 chair created by carpenter Gaetano “il Campanino” Descalzi; the Ramaioli Tridentini collection, a celebration of copper cookware and accessories dating back to the mid-1900s; and the Trionfi di Frutta centerpieces in the Ceramica Atestina collection, which are made from 19th-century Venetian molds.

Eligo also organizes exhibitions, creates documentary videos, and acts as a commercial agent for artisans on the global market. The company art directs tailor-made collections for its customers and serves as an interior design agency for private homes and shops.