Jason Jacques

Founded in 2003 by its namesake, Jason Jacques Gallery specializes in European Art Nouveau, Japonist, and contemporary ceramics. The gallery makes its home in a townhouse in New York City’s Upper East Side neighborhood; Joe Holtzman designed its interiors. Jacques himself began his career as a picker in the 1980s in the Paris flea markets; in the early 1990s, he moved to New York and became a dealer in his own right.

The Jason Jacques collection of European Art Nouveau and Japonist pottery is on par with the best fin de siécle ceramics collections in the world. The gallery launched its contemporary program in 2010, and has since exhibited top tier, contemporary ceramic artists—often within historical contexts. The contemporary collection includes work by the likes of Gareth Mason, Kim Simonsson, Eric Serritella, and Morten Løbner Espersen, among others. The gallery's client list is comprised of an international roster of private and institutional collectors.