Maison Gerard

Founded in 1974 in New York by Gerardus Widdershoven, Maison Gerard specializes in fine French Art Deco furniture, objets d’art, and lighting by designers such as Edgar Brandt, Jean Royère, and Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann. Since 2000, the gallery has also gained recognition for cultivating and showcasing contemporary artists and designers, including, among others, Eric Astoul, Nicholas Howey, Carol Egan, Marc Bankowsky, Jean Girel, Ayala Serfaty, and Achille Salvagni.

Maison Gerard regularly participates in international shows and presents its own well-regarded in-house exhibitions. Past shows have focused on the work of important Art Deco designers such as Ruhlmann, Jules Bouy, and Jean-Michel Frank, as well as three shows dedicated to the work of famed French design house Maison Leleu. In addition to helping build numerous private collections, the gallery has, notably, assisted the collection of Walter Chrysler, Jr. (now in the Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, Virginia) as well as the design collection for the Utsunomiya Museum in Japan.