Italian architect and entrepreneur Claudia Pignatale founded Secondome Gallery in Rome, Italy in 2006. Championing emerging and established contemporary designers and innovative projects, Pignatale’s mission is to reinvigorate central Rome’s design scene and to position Secondome as a world-class design destination.

Secondome focuses primarily on young, independent Italian makers. In addition to its gallery work, Secondome has also become a brand in and of itself by commissioning and producing its own design editions. Pignatale is particularly passionate about collaborating with future and up and coming design stars under the age of forty.  The gallery’s design roster includes Kiki Van Eijk, Fabrica, Sam Baron, Nucleo, Nigel Coates, Andrea Salvetti, Dum Dum, and Rolf Sachs among others.

In the summer of 2013, Secondome opened its new gallery space in Rome’s Trastevere district.