Spazio Nobile

Founded in April 2016 by art historians (and husband-and-wife-team) Lise Coirier and Gian Giuseppe Simeone, Spazio Nobile is a Brussels-based gallery specializing in contemporary design, the applied arts, and photography. Situated in a 1920s maison de maître, the collection—which the founders describe as “a harmonious mix of contemporaneity and a sense of history”—features a range of collectible pieces, including limited edition and one-of-a-kind objects. Its clients include private collectors and institutions as well as public museums and collections.

Spazio Nobile presents exhibitions in its own space as well as at international fairs and events; additionally, the gallery hosts conferences and intimate events for collectors. Its design and artist roster includes Tomáš Libertíny, Antonio Lampecco, Chen Chen and Kai Williams, Dessuant Bone, Studio GGSV, Marlene Huissoud, Ming-Zhong Chen and Yu-Ju Lin, Isaac Monté, Taeg Nishimoto, Philipp Weber, Glenn Sestig, Nathalie Dewez, Kaspar Hamacher, Carlo Brandelli, Piet Stockmans, Fabian Van Sprekelsen, and others. Its collection also features the work of photographers such as Tom Joyce, Frederick Vidal, Silvano Magnone,  Jörg Bräuer, Vincent Fournier, and Frederik Vercruysse. To date, Spazio Nobile has also collaborated with brands such as Lasvit, KKDC, Glass is Tomorrow, Thonet, Wästberg, and Vervloet, among others.

In addition to Spazio Nobile, cofounder Lise Coirier has focused her career on spotlighting designers and design-led craftsmen, most notably through Pro Materia, a Brussels-based creative consultancy founded in 1999, and as publisher and editor-in-chief of TLmag, a print and online publication she founded in 2009. Partner Gian Giuseppe Simeone followed a parallel journey, concentrating on the preservation of cultural and artistic heritage as well as public awareness through Culture Lab, a private agency based in Brussels that matches the needs of cultural organizations with policies and funding programs of the European Commission.