Bethan Laura Wood

London, United Kingdom

Born in 1983, British designer Bethan Laura Wood studied Three-Dimensional Design at the University of Brighton, graduating with honors in 2006. She continued on to the Royal College of Art, where she studied Product Design under Jürgen Bey and Martino Gamper, graduating with a master’s degree in 2009.

While still a student, Wood began her own practice, called WOOD London. She creates a range of objects ranging from , furniture , and lighting  to large-scale interventions and collaborations, often producing pieces in cooperation with local artisans. Her work is characterized by the re-contextualization of elements from everyday objects, often focusing on the pattern and coloration of objects as indicators of their origins, production, and past usage.

Notable projects include the glass lighting collection Totem (2011), the particleboard jewelry series Particle, and the Moon Rock tables (2011), which are put together like a jigsaw puzzle and inlaid with laser-cut plastic laminate pieces. Wood's constant sources of inspiration are the city she lives in and her fascination with the emotional impact created by layering varying shapes, colors, and textures.