Based in Florence, Italy, Fred&Juul is a creative studio and design brand founded by Italian-Dutch architect duo Federico Minarelli and Julie Janssen. After Minarelli worked for years in architectural renovation and Janssen pursued a career in film and television production design, they launched an architectural company in 2009. In 2012, they launched Fred&Juul.

Over the years, Minarelli and Janssen designed numerous custom-made furniture pieces for their architectural projects. The experience of working with local Tuscan artisans inspired the Fred & Juul concept: traditional processes and time-honored materials—like iron, brass, and oak—in a contemporary context. The brand is known for handcrafted chairs, tables, and lighting that are both versatile and elegant. Fred&Juul’s design philosophy is aimed at sustainability, durability, and timelessness, a protest against today's "throw-away" culture.