Jens Praet

San Gimignano, Italy

Born in Belgium in 1984, designer Jens Praet studied Industrial Design in Florence, later attending master classes at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, where he studied under Droog Design’s cofounder, Gijs Bakker. He established Studio Jens Praet in San Gimignano, near Siena, Italy, in 2007.

Praet’s work characteristically combines the old with the new and reveals the designer’s fascination with everyday objects and materials. Notable works include: Shredded (2011), a series of furniture pieces inspired by office waste and composed of meticulously chosen magazine scraps and clear resin; and Dressed (2012), a collection of furniture featuring hardened, wax-dipped, and bronzed fabric pieces draped over contrasting, geometrically shaped brass structures.

In December 2012, Praet and his family opened Galleria J in San Gimignano, Italy. The gallery showcases unique design objects, art, and jewelry.