Julien Carretero

Brussels, Belgium

Born in the suburbs of Paris, Julien Carretero studied industrial design in Paris and England before pursuing his Master’s from the Design Academy Eindhoven under the direction of Gijs Bakker. During his time at the academy, he worked in the studio of Maarten Baas. Carretero’s 2007 graduation project led to his first internationally acclaimed collection, To Be Continued.

Carretero approaches design production as a living, unpredictable process, exploiting chance in order to imbue objects produced in multiples with individuality. He often invents new techniques that blur the boundaries between handcraft and serial manufacturing.

Until 2012, Carretero’s studio was located in Eindhoven; he has since set up shop in Brussels. His work has been exhibited internationally and is represented by Moss in New York, Gallery S. Bensimon in Paris, and Victor Hunt in Brussels.