Karl-Erik Ekselius


Swedish furniture designer Karl-Erik Ekselius was born in 1914 in Ålesund, Sweden. He studied carpentry in Germany and at Carl Malmsten’s school for Furniture Studies in Stockholm sometime during the 1930s. Subsequently, he worked for J. O. Carlsson (known later as JOC Möbel AB) in Vetlanda, eventually taking ownership of the company in 1961.

During the famous H55 Exhibition in 1955 in Helsingborg, Sweden, Ekselius gained international recognition with his designs. Like many of his Swedish contemporaries during the 1950s and ‘60s, Ekselius originated Scandinavian modern furniture , including dining chairs , dining tables , and coffee tables , in richly grained woods like rosewood and teak. He also developed armchairs  and office chairs  in chromed metal and supple leather. For J. O. Carlsson, he designed the Mondo Chair (1960s) and the F60 Easy Chair (1960s). He also designed furniture for the Dag Hammarskjöld Library in New York.

Ekselius passed away in 1998.