Michaël Verheyden

Genk, Belgium

Born in 1978 in Genk, Belgium, Michaël Verheyden studied industrial design at the Media & Design Academy in his hometown, earning a Master’s degree in 2001. Between 1998 and 2002, Verheyden was a model for fashion designer Raf Simons and did some design work for his label.

In 2002, Verheyden launched his own line of fashion accessories; at the time, he was best known for his handbag designs, which have included collaborations with other brands, such as Rick Owens. In 2009, Verheyden broadened his scope to encompass home accessories and furniture. He works together with his wife, Saartje Vereecke (born in 1975 in Leopoldsburg, Belgium), out of a brick home-studio in Genk. Vereecke trained as a painter, and worked in the textile industry before joining the studio.

Verheyden’s aesthetic embraces simple geometric forms, minimalist lines, expert craftsmanship, and rich, quality materials—leathers, linen, bronze, brass, marble, and the like. His home collection ranges from candlesticks and vessels to seating and objets d’art. He makes many of his design prototypes himself and works closely with expert craftspeople for the final production. All objects are finished, assembled, and packaged in the Verheyden workshop. Also, notably, bespoke leather baskets are hand sewn in-house.