Svante Skogh

Swedish designer Svante Skogh is best known for his mid-century designs produced by Seffle (sometimes written as Säffle), though he worked with a number of furniture producers throughout his career, which spanned the 1950s and ‘60s. Although there is little information available on Skogh’s personal life or career development, many of his designs have survived and are highly sought after on the vintage market today.

Like many of his Scandinavian modern contemporaries, Skogh designed furniture—which ranged from coffee tables  and dining tables  to seating  and storage solutions —that utilized richly grained wood, mixed with soft, supple fabrics like leather. His most well known of these designs was the Bodö Series (1957) of armchairs  and sofas  for Seffle, which features angular lines complemented by exposed leather straps. Other notable designs include the elegantly curved-back Model 775 Lounge Chair (1954) for OPE, designed at the very beginning of Skogh’s career; the Cortina Series (1960s) for Seffle, which includes a sideboard, dining table, and dining chairs; and a chaise lounge produced by Engen.