Inspiring studio visit with Ana Kraš

Belgrade's Best

By Ambra Medda

Going to visit Ana Kraš in her Lower East Side studio was perfect: fun, simple and beautiful. She opened the door with a big smile on her face and paint all over her hands. She was in the middle of painting a wire frame for one of her delightful chandeliers. Her studio is filled with light, music and a sense of harmony. All the colors in the room are perfect: the walls, the objects, her clothes, her computer screen, her skin... as if she had magically coordinated the light, color, and texture of every surface. Anyway we giggle and talk for a while and she takes me through the pieces she's working on in the studio. I love her work and  how she's set a pace for herself and her output. She's hard working but not rushed. She does everything with purpose. Everything she makes, and the way she articulates herself, is poised and thoughtful. An incredible, creative being with a strong career ahead of her, no doubt. I left her studio feeling utterly inspired and uplifted. When you meet talent with promise it's quite possibly the best feeling in the world.










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    • Ambra Medda

      Ambra Medda

      Ambra is a passionate, seasoned curator, who facilitates great design through innovative collaborations between designers, artists, brands, and institutions. Among many other things.

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