The beautiful paper birds of Diana Beltran Herrera

Birds of a (Paper) Feather

By Ambra Medda

This week, we stumbled upon some beautiful creatures; Diana Beltran Herrera's paper birds. We ooo-ed, aww-ed, coo-ed, and chuckled as we scrolled through years worth of her intricate creations. Colombian-born, and currently based in Bristol, Diana's attention to detail is outstanding. Her birds have such great personalities. From the Urraca Yucateca (Yucatan Jay) pictured above to the (very) small sampling that follow on below, each bird is, and has, a distinct character, poise, and grace. Even the ones that look slightly disheveled have a certain charming appeal to them. From the coloring of each feather, to the shape of each bird's claws and wings, frozen mid-flight, to  . . . Wow.

Urraca Yucateca (Yucatan Jay).


Blue Jay.

Diana and one of her robins.

Hairy Woodpecker. Photo Santiago Forero.

Flamingo's tail feather. Commission for Santafé Medellin, photo by Victoria Holguin.

Quetzal. Commission for Santafé Medellin, photo by Victoria Holguin.

We're looking forward to seeing the next brood that Diana brings to life!


* All photos are courtesy of Diana Beltran Herrera.

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