A multi-sensory experience from Fabrica

Designing with Air

This week, Sam Baron and Fabrica—the design research lab under Benetton—presented a project developed for air conditioning brand Daikin. Exploring air, temperature, and their effects on the five senses, the conceptually driven Hot Fell in Love with Cold features tropical plants encased in ice, interactive fans, aromatic dispensers, and more all in white.

Highlights included an acoustic installation that combined the climatic sounds of our Solar System's hottest and coldest planets, Venus and Neptune, and a series of kinetic compositions evoking the seasonal migration of exotic birds—"a migrating bird is always looking for the perfect weather conditions," Sam explained. "We wanted to tell a new story about weather, one that plays with opposites to explore our relative personal and cultural experiences of weather—and to give people a multi-sensory experience to remember."







Sam Baron and Ambra Sam Baron and Ambra

Hot Fell in Love With Cold is open thru April 13th at Garage Milano, via Achille Maiocchi 5/7, Milan.

*All images (except the last) courtesy of Fabrica.