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Food Spots By Dilmos

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Based in Milan since 1980, Dilmos is not just an exhibition space for furniture, but a philosophical approach to design research. It's a place where a piece is not just a thing, but an object with value and poetic significance; something that's endowed with history and through which we're able to meet the person who created it. Functionality and symbolism have been the extremes between which Dilmos have built their research and practice over the years.

We interviewed Sergio Riva, co-owner of Dilmos, with Luisella Valtorta, who gave us some suggestions on where to buy great food in Milan and a typical Milanese recipe.

AllaCarta DILMOS
What do you like about food?

SR: I like to travel so I like to experiment in new kitchens.

AC: Which are your favorite food places in Milan?

SR: Markets:

- The food department downstairs at Excelsior.

- Department Store in Galleria del Corso 4; An experience!

- Rossi e Grassi rotisserie Via Solferino 12; For quality, typical Italian products.


- Timé, Via San Marco 5; For their particular but simple food.

- La Libera, Via Palermo 21; For the same reason as above.

- Ivan e Masa, catering and food consultants, always in Brera area; They are very professional!

Ice cream and sweets:

- Solferino Ice Cream Parlour, Via Solferino 18; The best in Milan.

- Ranieri patisserie, Via della Moscova 7; A small and historical, high quality place for sweets.

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What's your secret recipe?

SR: Ossobuchi alla Milanese

For the Ossobuchi:

- Mince an onion. Heat 2-3 spoons of olive oil and 50 grams of butter in a large casserole dish and add the minced onion

- Cover 4 ossobuchi in flour and add to the casserole dish once the onion has lightly fried. Brown the meat on both sides

- Pour a glass of white wine over the ossobuchi. When the wine has evaporated, add salt and pepper, and half of a liter of bouillon

- Cover the casserole and cook it on a low heat for one hour. You should be sure to stir the casserole regularly to prevent the ossobuchi from sticking to the pot

- While the ossobuchi are cooking, prepare the Gremolata, a mince composed of a stem of parsley, peel of half lemon, and a clove of garlic. You'll add the gremolada to the meat 5 minutes before it has finished cooking.

For the Saffron Risotto:

- Mince another onion. Heat 80 grams of butter in a casserole dish. Add the onion and cook until it appears dissolved (but not fried)

- Add 350 grams of rice (Arborio quality) and toast it in the butter. Pour in the white wine to deglaze. When the wine has been absorbed, add a ladleful of warm stock to the pan and stir until the stock is absorbed. Repeat this process until you reach the consistency you desire (15-20 minutes)

- Add another 45 grams of butter and a sprinkling of grated parmesan and stir

To serve:

Spoon the risotto onto each serving plate. Top with the ossobuco and a spoonful of the cooking sauce.

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Interview by Valentina Barzaghi

Illustrations by Silvia Gherra

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