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How To Cook Porridge While Holding A Baby

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Peter Marigold really is one of a kind. He has that kind of sense of humor you could almost be offended by, yet he still manages to find a way to make you laugh. As a designer, his work focuses on furniture, especially storage and the display of objects. We asked him to share with us a secret recipe and he sent us the most amazing and funny pictures taken by his girlfriend, which show him "and Leon making Porridge with Parmesan, ideal for designers with children who can only use one hand as demonstrated." Just hilarious.


AC: Is there something in particular that keeps design and food related?

PM: Heat. We need something in-between our fingers and the hot potato.

AC: What do you like about food and cooking?

PM: Oh. I actually never cook. I’m afraid I am not one of those sexy modern people with multiple lifestyle surprises. Having said all this, I do like it when I put something in an omelette that my little boy Leon never eats, but then he will . . . because he likes eggs with everything.


AC: Where do you buy your food in NY and in London?

PM: Crikey. I’m not a great fan of the food in NYC. Of course you can get incredible food in any country in the world if you pay enough money. But I’m more of the opinion that a country should be judged on what you find at the airport in a normal cafe. Japan for instance is great, but the last time I was at JFK I had possibly the worst sandwich I will ever encounter. It was so shocking that I took a photo. It costs $12. But the memory was priceless.

In London, we have amazing Turkish restaurants. I stopped eating meat about a year ago though, as I feel quite sorry for animals in slavery to humans, so I am missing the kebabs.


AC: Tell us your secret recipe.

PM: Porridge with Parmesan. Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

1 teaspoon currants

2 cups water

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup rolled oats


Just put all the ingredients in a bowl and let it cook for 2 minutes in your microwave. When it's ready, put on some parmesan and mix it.



Interview by Fabiana Fierotti.

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