The new XO Tablet for One Laptop Per Child

"I want to be a..."

Today marks a big day for imagination with the announcement of the new XO Tablet by Yves Behar, of Fuseproject, for One Laptop Per Child.

XO Tablet

With its lively rubber exterior and running Android OS, the 7-inch XO Tablet is the only multilingual (English/Spanish) and Google-certified tablet currently on the market that's being made specifically for kids. But it's the tablet's new intuitive interface that is its most inspired feature.

Basing the tablet's content around the idea of "dreams," the software and applications have been organized into areas of interest, and are represented by colorfully illustrated icons. Prompted by a "I want to be a . . .," and with choices ranging from Mathematician to Musician, Athlete to Artist, and my favorite, Astronaut, kids get to explore the content of the tablet according to what they are most fascinated with.

XO being carried

To date, the One Laptop Per Child Association has distributed 2.5 million of their original XO Laptop, in 60 countries. With the arrival of the tablet in Walmart stores across America this week, as well as Uruguay, Cambodia, and Barbados, for starters, the new XO Tablet is making the most of the touchscreen as a way to get kids engaging, discovering, and learning.

Today is a good day for kids!

XO Tablet Hooray