A behind-the-scenes look at Sara Beltrán's hand-woven Mexican Wall Hanging

Labor of Love

This week, we happily turn our attention to the blooming, burgeoning design scene of . . . MEXICO!  To start things off, we take a closer look at the making of one of our favorite pieces from Texas-born, Mexico-raised designer Sara Beltrán: the lovingly crafted Mexican Woven Wall Hanging.

Beltrán began her design career creating  exquisite, handmade eco-luxe jewelry pieces, often produced in coordination with highly skilled Mexican artisans. Branching into home accessories and furniture, Beltrán and a team of women weavers in Chiapas created this large-scale  project. Seven women each created a section of black-and-navy woven nylon textile, then stitched them together, adding a bright streak of Beltrán's signature flamingo pink to its edges. Truly a labor of love!

As Beltrán tells us, “My customers understand that my pieces are handmade, and they know each one will never be repeated. It’s more special that way. It’s the perfection of the imperfection, like homemade food.”

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*All images courtesy of Sara Beltrán