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Made To Measure

After being commissioned by the Zuiderzee Museum of Enkhuizen in The Netherlands to produce a project based on the museum's annual theme "immaterial heritage" with particular emphasis being given to craft, Made to Measure was Glithero's response.

Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren, the design duo behind Glithero, found that there was an interesting correlation between the work of the maker of punch card books for street organs, and the work of the weaver. By treating the information punched into the organ cards as instructions for a loom, the holes, originally crafted to produce music, are now informing weaving patterns, giving the music of the cards a physical form.

It's not just the weavings that are interesting and beautiful, but also scrolls of punch cards that are created. There's a wonderful sense of tactility to this process that is, in a way, modernizing an old form of craft while also remaining dependent on an old form of data representation.

* All images courtesy of the museum.

Glithero - Maatwerk- Made to Measure Film still

Glithero Made to Measure Erik and Petra Hesmerg

Glithero - Maatwerk - Made to Measure Film still

Glithero Made to Measure detail of scarf Petr Krejci

Glithero Made to Measure Petr Krejci

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