Johanna Grawunder at Carpenters Workshop

No Whining on the Yacht

London's Carpenters Workshop Gallery presents No Whining on the Yacht, a new exhibit by lighting designer extraordinaire and architect Johanna Grawunder. The show will feature an intimate atmosphere with four distinctive zones, each emotionally and literally colored and lit by a new Grawunder piece.

Describing the show in a recent interview,  Grawunder told us: "Each piece is associated with a color. I wanted to experiment with color in a definitive way, asking myself what is a good color for a dining table (red); what is a good color for a chandelier (gold); a garden table (black with green light); and a floor light (pink). The pieces are studies in colored reflected light, very dim light effects (just enough to make the color glow), and refracted light effects with sculptural voids." Explaining the origin of the show's cheeky title, she says: "I wanted to show an appreciation for the privileged world of art and design-art. Everything being relative, of course."

linelight 1




* All images © Johanna Grawunder.

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