Sam Baron’s Whimsical La Marie-Lou

One Lush Bench

Back in May, I went to see the show From Europe with Love at the Cristina Grajales Gallery in New York. This was where I fell in love with Sam Baron’s La Marie-Lou Bench.

The bench was originally commissioned by Cristina Grajales Gallery for the exhibition Sitting Naturally at the stunningly beautiful Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden in Miami. Held from December 2012 through to the end of May 2013, the exhibition invited seven internationally renowned artists (including Pedro Barrail, Christophe Côme, and Michele Oka Doner) to each create two pieces of outdoor furniture inspired by the landscape and vegetation of the garden, and to be exhibited within Fairchild's 83 acres.

Made from lacquered wood, metal, and ceramics, the whimsical whiteness and Dr. Seuss-esque form of Baron's two benches were perfect compliments to the lush greens of the garden.

Feeling like I’m constantly on the hunt for outdoor furniture that I actually like, this bench caught my attention, and kept it, so, I’m super excited that we’ve now got one of Sam Baron’s benches to share up on our site!

Sam Baron's La Marie Lou Bench

Sam Baron's La Marie Lou Bench - detail 1

Sam Baron's La Marie Lou Bench - detail 2

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