Provocative exhibition for Dutch Design Week

Proud Part of the Problem

We've been watching the coverage of this year's Dutch Design Week and felt the need to share some images we received for Proud Part of the Problem, a group exhibition curated by designer Tessa Koot.

Set in a defunct, industrial space in east Eindhoven, this show highlights the latest in Dutch-based, up-cycled works that walk that fine line between art and design, and includes a lot of our friends and faves—like Nacho Carbonell, Dirk van der Kooij, Dennis Parren, and Sebastiaan Straatsma.

Each piece explores "the issue of value and waste, and the sense and nonsense in contemporary design and related arts... dissecting obvious as well as more hidden and philosophical forms of upcycling that have been carried out recently."







Super intriguing. Wish we were there!

*All images courtesy Club C, © Maarten Coolen.

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