Amazing conceptual architecture


By Ambra Medda

Just taking a moment to enjoy the amazing conceptural architecture of Superstudio. Care to join me?

Superstudio was created in Florence in 1966 by a group of talented, radical young architects. The studio was at the heart of the architectural and design avant garde until its dissolution in the late 1970s. Through photo-collages, films, and exhibitions, it critiqued the modernist doctrines that had dominated 20th century design thinking. The studio was composed by: Piero Frassinelli, Alessandro Magris, Adolfo Natalini, Alessandro Poli, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia.

Love it!

Superstudio horses

Superstudio Happy Island

Superstudio 201

12 City of Hemispheres, 1971 by Superstudio.

Furniture from Quaderna

Superstudio Quaderna Sitin

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