Fuglen (or “the bird”) is a Norwegian gallery, café, and cocktail bar in the capital, Oslo. The multipurpose space began as a coffee shop called Kaffefuglen in 1963. In 2008, under the direction of original coffee house manager Einar Kleppe Holthe and curator Peppe Trulsen, the shop’s concept and space expanded to include two additional rooms that now house a gallery focusing on vintage, mid-century Scandinavian furniture and objects, with a special emphasis on Japanese-influenced pieces.

In 2012 Fuglen opened a second location in Tokyo, which also incorporates a café and furniture design gallery. Seemingly never satisfied with standing still, in 2010, under the direction of Halvor Digernes, a speakeasy-inspired cocktail bar was added as well. Fuglen has plans to add a boutique, office, and photo studio in the near future as well.