Not that it had gone anywhere

IKEA is back!

Just a flick through the pages of an old IKEA catalog is enough to bring a feeling of nostalgia. The iconic furniture manufacturer has been a part of our lives for so long that it is hard to remember a world without its universal convenience, instantly recognisable designs and Swedish flair.

And it’s a good thing we don’t have to. Any vintage collector and furniture enthusiast knows the significance of finding an iconic IKEA piece for at home. It’s easy to see why IKEA made such a big comeback after the pandemic hit. Bright colors meet clean lines and a timeless aesthetic in so many of their pieces. And during those troubling times, it seemed the world of interior was once again in need of the colorful playfulness of IKEA.

At PAMONO, the resurgence of IKEA is not something that was left unnoticed. In 2021, we saw a 51% increase in sales compared to the year before, and this number has only continued to grow into 2022. Iconic pieces like the Diana Safari chair have remained staples for homes across the globe, with their value doubling over the last four years, while timeless classics like the Skye sell out almost as soon as they go online.

Whether you’re in for a quick scroll-through, or you’ve finally decided to get your hands on some IKEA treasures, below you will find a selection of our favorite, most sought after pieces that are worth your time, attention and investment. 

And for those on the hunt for the rarest of finds: did you know that Verner Panton designed the iconic Vilbert chair for IKEA back in 1993, and we currently only have one available?

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