Kwangho Lee

Seoul, South Korea

Born in 1981 in Korea, Kwangho Lee grew up on his grandparents’ farm on the outskirts of Seoul. He majored in Metal Art & Design at Hongik University, graduating in 2007. He lives and works in Seoul.

Lee is best known for furniture and lighting woven from unusual materials like garden hoses, pipes, and electrical cables, as well as pieces cut from polystyrene foam with a hot wire. Lee claims his design approach is influenced by his grandfather, who invented handcrafted homewares from leftover, everyday materials found on the farm; as well as his mother’s knitting projects.

Lee was selected as the Korean Ministry of Culture’s Artist of the Year, 2011. He has shown work at Commissaires, Johnson Trading Gallery, Victor Hunt, Karena Schuessler, Clear Gallery & Edition, and Gallery Seomi, and participated in a wide variety of prominent group exhibitions. His work is in the permanent collections of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.