Nada Debs

Nada Debs is a Beirut-based, Lebanese designer whose work stretches across a wide range of forms and disciplines including furniture, fashion, and interiors.

Having grown up in Japan and studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in the United States, Debs has spent a large portion of her life living in and traveling through different countries. Along with a strong universal emotional essence, Debs' natural ability to fuse different cultures is evident in her work. Centered on a respect for traditional craftsmanship, there is a sense of storytelling in her pieces, which she describes as both handmade and heart made.

Working closely with local craftsmen, her studio, which is located in the Beirut neighborhood of Gemmayze, designs annual collections of furniture and accessories, which are sold in a number of top retailers across the world. Debs also creates bespoke pieces and often takes on interior design commissions. Regularly featured in top international publications, such as Elle Decoration and Architectural Digest, Debs' designs are recognizable by their beautiful expressions of geometry, a subject that fascinates the designer due to its symbolization of complex philosophies within simple shapes. A drive to give life to and preserve time-honored traditions within contemporary forms that will be celebrated far into the future is behind the designer’s work and due to her pieces’ timeless universal beauty, we have no doubt that she will succeed in this mission.