Periclis Frementitis

Patrai, Greece

Born in Greece in 1981, Periclis Frementitis grew up in a small city called Patrai. He holds a BSC degree in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Patrai (2000-2005) with specialization in lighting design. After graduation, he moved to Amsterdam and then London to pursue further opportunities in lighting design; along the way, he developed a passion for fine arts, cutting-edge aesthetics, and material explorations.

In 2015, Periclis founded HIGHDOTS, his own design workshop located in his hometown. HIGHDOTS is dedicated to bringing to life Periclis's unique ideas about everyday beauty, which embraces geometric abstraction,  minimalist forms, and raw materials. All pieces are handcrafted by small-scale fabricators and traditional artisans, with an honest approach to the perfect imperfections inherent in the chosen materials. 

HIGHDOTS studio designs have been exhibited at the Good Design exhibition sponsored by the Good Design Awards and Chicago Athenaeum Museum, as well as at the European Centre for Architecture, Art & Design. HIGHDOTS designs can be found in the collections of the Benaki Museum and Contemporary Space Athens.