Piurra / Rui Viana


Based in Porto, Portugal, Piurra is a contemporary design company that's rooted in the history of furniture and the tradition of woodworking. The company was founded in 2007, when architect-designer Rui Viana challenged the owner of the design company he worked for to start a new furniture business. The challenge was accepted and Piurra was born. Since 2013, Viana has directed the company.

Viana is the son and grandson of highly skilled carpenters. In 1995, he finished his first architectural course and began to find work in architectural offices in Porto. In 2001, he began product design studies at ESAD. Although his designs for Piurra draw on his formal training in design and architecture, he also looks to the traditions learned from his family. Piurra’s furniture is produced through artisanal methods in a small-scale, family-run, highly skilled carpentry workshop that guarantees high-quality production. Each piece is handcrafted to order.