Berlin, Germany

Berlin-based studio RLON offers a 21st-century take on Space Age design, specializing in minimalist lighting with striking graphic and interactive elements.

RLON was established by Josua Putzke (b. 1981), Phillip Eibach (b. 1981) and Nehemia Turban (b. 1982) in Berlin in 2016. Their projects—ranging from furniture design to installations—playfully explore concepts of time, space, and probability. The three founders were sharing a studio space in 2015 and bonded over a mutual interest in metaphysics, spatial interaction, and a “sassy” sense of humor—each of which plays a role in their lighthearted and poetic work. Since they joined forces, they have been driven to create, in their words, “objects and narratives for curious spaces and curious minds.” They view their work in the context of a growing global consciousness and hope to widen the ways in which the future is imagined by “crafting interactions and narrating stories that trigger awareness and award curiosity.”

L1 Floor Lamp: A Pure Line Leaning Against the Wall is guided by clear geometry reduced to its essence. In accordance with the studio’s ethos, this seemingly simple black shape rewards inquiry; it is turned on and off with a single touch on any part of its surface. Depending on the angle and orientation, the range of illumination and shadow will vary, but from any perspective it emphasizes the basic elements of visual communication: light and form. L2: A Celebration of the Electric Circuit is a physical rendering of a typical diagram used to illustrate a simple electric circuit. Here, RLON jovially translates the abstracted, two-dimensional lines and shapes into its functional reality, resulting in a sleek and minimalistic suspended sculpture. L3: An Interactive Light Object offers a further meditation on the interplay between geometric abstraction and physical space. Suggested as a desk light, the piece is operated by positioning a metal sphere in different magnetic fields along a black monolith, milled out of a solid surface material. Designed with user experience in mind, the sphere (and the person holding it) experiences the magnetic pull as it moves towards the center of the illuminant ring, thereby activating the lamp.

RLON is a relatively young studio, and it will be interesting to observe their activities into the future. In keeping with their mantra, the possibilities are endless.