Studio GAM

Milan, Italy

With work that is smart and adaptable while making beautiful use of natural materials, Studio GAM prioritizes ecologically sustainable production tailored to customer needs.

Studio GAM was founded in 2015 in Milan by Giorgio Gambarini and Carolina Pepe. After completing their respective degrees in Product Design and Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano, they each pursued their passion for wood design—both worked in workshops, training in the professional manufacture of wood products. Gambarini focused on experimenting with the compositional possibilities of recycled wood alongside concrete, iron and leather; Pepe, meanwhile, concentrated on exploring the differing qualities of wood and the techniques of manual carpentry. They met in 2015, and their studio was born.

Since beginning their collaboration, they have fused their interests and strengths; Pepe develops the pure forms of their designs, while Gambarini curates the handmade production, searching for the perfect materials and fabrics that bring the pieces to life. They specialize in customizing their designs to the client requirements using ecologically sustainable materials and techniques; they obtain their natural materials only from certified suppliers and devise their designs with longevity in mind. Their environmental consciousness is illustrated by their minimalist aesthetic, which allows structural materials like wood, metal, and hemp to, in their words, “breathe.”

One of the studio’s key designs is the Ianua Bookshelf, which functions as a partition that is elegant from both sides while dividing and framing space. The Tömm Pouf is also likewise adaptable and functional; with a solid, grounded design, its fabrics and wooden framework can be customized, and the 100% hemp lining can be removed for washing. GAM also produce interior decorative accessories, including vases and mirrors. 

Since its foundation, Studio GAM has expanded and adapted its brand through new equipment and participation in the Fuorisalone events in Milan. For Gambarini and Pepe, their typical customer is someone who cares deeply about the details of their home environment, with a firm commitment to pure and essential forms made tangible through the use of natural, beautiful, and sustainable materials.