Modiste Furniture

Rotterdam, Netherlands

“When we think of modernism, we think about clear lines, rich materials and simple yet ingenious detailing, made with an unbridled optimism towards the future.” 

Launched in 2013, Modiste strives to expand the modernist tradition with new and original perspectives on design. Their furniture combines honest materials and the latest in manufacturing processes with traditional techniques to create beautiful products with a modern feel.
Based in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Modiste Furniture believes that the manufacture of quality products begins with the selection of the right materials: they take great pride in selecting only the finest available. Modiste works closely with dedicated craftsmen to create beautiful, yet practical pieces of furniture. It is their belief that the final product is ultimately defined by its finish, be it wood, steel or stone -  so they make an effort to use organic materials, and of course some elbow grease, to complete each product. Modiste ensures that every piece, from start to finish, is aesthetically pleasing, practical and a testament to the quality and craftsmanship of modern furniture.
The products made at Modiste are simple yet evocative. These pieces offer comprehensive functionality while maintaining the warm soothing comfort that natural materials provide. The team at Modiste designs, manufactures, develops and distributes in close collaboration with an ever-growing network of dedicated local craftsmen.