Nzuri Textiles

Nevada City, California, United States

Launched in 2013 in Nevada City, California, Nzuri Textiles is an ethically conscious luxury brand specializing in handmade textiles for the home, including shawls, throw pillows, blankets, and more. Nzuri is committed to preserving the integrity of small industries and time-honored craftsmanship. The brand partners with artisans in West Africa and elsewhere to provide opportunities and enhance self-sufficiency to empower local entrepreneurs. Founder Eno Jonah grew up in Nigeria, inspired by the country’s rich, diverse folklore and culture as well as its skilled artisan traditions. Explaining Nzuri’s approach, Jonah says: “Authentic, hand-woven textiles are fundamental to the cultural identity of many peoples. The quality and beauty of the workmanship is a source of national pride. We work with renowned female textile designers in West Africa and a network of skilled artisans to produce exceptional textiles. Our artisans produce beautiful, handcrafted textiles using classical methods and time-honored motifs. We blend traditional African motifs with modern aesthetics to create understated, elegant, beautiful, and expertly woven designs. The quality of our weaving is among the best work to come out of contemporary Africa.”

Nzuri sources materials locally, produces its own dyes, and uses environmentally conscious and sustainable production methods. Primary clients include private individuals as well as interior designers.