8 contemporary mirrors that'll bring your walls to life

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Light-reflectors, space-expanders, beauty-assistants. Who doesn’t love a good mirror? Today we bring you 8 outstanding designs from contemporary talents who are working beyond the merely practical, taking the familiar format to a completely new level through material innovation and outside-the-box thinking.



Transience Mirrors by David Derksen & Lex Pott for Transnatural

The Transience Mirror series by Dutch designers David Derksen and Lex Pott  for Transnatural beautifully exude an aura of the organic despite the incredible geometric precision of the forms. Each mirror is tinted through an accelerated, manipulated oxidation process that lends each piece its own nuanced palette and individual variations.


Overlap Mirrors by Elisa Strozyk

German design talent Elisa Strozyk’s Overlap Mirror is a perfect marriage of the decorative and the functional. It even incorporates a shelf! The gorgeous swirling pattern is made from cordierite and ceramic glazes, with results that are both hypnotic and alluring.



Kaleidoscope Mirrors by André Teoman

The Kaleidoscope Mirror by Portuguese designer André Teoman cleverly deconstructs the reflective surface to create a mirrored wall-sculpture that refracts abstract compositions of colors, light, and shapes. Endless variations; this wall mirror will have you seeing your interior through new eyes.



Drip Mirrors by Elyse Graham

The Drip Mirror series by American designer Elyse Graham uses fast-drying resins in a way that was surely unintended by the manufacturer. Playful, experimental, and available in a range of lively colors, these pieces feature fascinating extrusions that transform an everyday object into an unforgettable conversation piece.


Reflet Mirrors by Claire Lavabre

French designer Claire Lavabre takes a more conceptual approach to the standard wall mirror with her Reflet series. The project reimagines the wall mirror as a reflective water surface, perhaps, or a transient reflection on a train window. By positioning clear, highly reflective panes of glass over dark stone slabs or painted wall surfaces, Reflet Mirrors achieve an incomparable sophistication and minimalism.



3/5 Mirror by Briggs & Cole

The 3/5 Mirror from Glaswegians Jane Briggs and Christy Cole is a one-off, intricately handcrafted, one-off collectible piece that’s rather more like a work of contemporary art than a simple decorative object. Inspired by starchitect Steven Holl’s Glasgow School Of Art building, it would be a perfect focal point within a minimalist space.



Gradient Mirror by Phillip Jividen

Brooklyn-based Phillip Jividen’s Gradient Mirror adds a splash of color to an interior in a refined and undeniably contemporary way. Recalling both digital image-manipulation techniques and natural inspiration like the color gradients of the sky and the earth’s atmosphere, the piece is classic minimalism with an upbeat twist.



WOW Mirrors by Dozen Design

For a sleek, fun, and utterly of-the-minute take on wall mirrors, we love the WOW Triangular Mirrors by Italian design collective Dozen Design. Eye-catching on their own, the electric pink and neon yellow tinted mirrors could also be hung together in an arrangement to create a vibrant composition. Who said function had to be sober and subdued?


*All images courtesy of the designers and studios.


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