Introducing Antonio Aricò's democratic Parlantina Chairs, inspired by the magic of southern Italian living

Song of the Summer

By Wava Carpenter

Al Sole / Al Mare / Benvenuto / Siediti! / Aspetta Qua *


One of our absolute favorite contemporary designers, Calabrian-born Antonio Aricò, has a brand new project—and we are lucky enough to help him debut it! Available exclusively on Pamono through the end of the summer, the fabulously foldable and affordable Parlantina Chairs were inspired by Antonio’s picturesque southern Italian way of life, and are—per all his designs—part function, part ode to joy.

Handmade to order in solid yellow Calabrian chestnut, the Parlantinas are crafted by Antonio's beyond charming and talented grandfather and uncle, master carpenters Saverio and Fedele Zaminga. Each simple, functional Parlantina is embellished with a short, evocative phrase drawn from Calabrian living. When you put five together, you get an homage to the southern Italian way of life in the form of a poem: Al Sole / Al Mare / Benvenuto / Siediti! / Aspetta Qua.*

And all this wonderfulness is priced at just €50 each!

Unveiled at the Pamono installation at EDIT Napoli earlier this month, the Parlantina Chairs are a poignant expression of the "personal is universal;" an illustration of how the particular details of one individual's story can resonate with just about anyone.

In developing the Parlantina, Antonio wanted to create a "democratic" design that could be useful and accessible to a broad audience—with the requisite dose of whimsy. As he so often does, Antonio made this design extra special by drawing inspiration from his home. The form of the Parlantina echoes the kind of anonymously designed folding wooden chairs commonly found at outdoor cafés, especially in the sun-soaked climate of southern Italy. He tapped into locally sourced materials and the skills of his artisanally gifted family. The poem inscribed on the backrests encapsulates the way he feels at home. And the font is his favorite, Futura. So delightful.

For those interested in custom versions, Antonio and his family can produce the Parlantina sans poem or with the inscription of your choice. Name your color preference, too. And, if you have your own outdoor cafe in need of seating, Pamono can take your bulk orders too. Just get in touch.


* Antonio's Parlantina poem loosely translates: In the Sun / By the Sea/ Welcome / Have a Seat! / Stay Here


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