Eight contemporary carpets as aesthetic and collectible as anything you might have on your walls

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The artistry of traditional carpet-making has long been admired by those who place value on creating beautiful interiors. But while the beauty and elegance of authentic Persian, Chinese, and Moroccan antiques have not dimmed over the decades, there is much to be said for the incredible creativity, originality, and flair of some of the floor coverings that contemporary designers are producing. These are unique pieces that go far beyond simply being easy on the eye or pleasant underfoot; contemporary designers are pushing the limits of craft and talent to create carpets that are as rich as canvases. These eight stunning rugs will give the art you’ve got on your walls a real run for its money.



Pas Perdus 001 Rug by Charlotte Jonckheer

The Pas Perdus 001 Rug (2016) by young Belgian designer Charlotte Jonckheer is a rigorously conceptual piece that is designed to be explored barefoot. Horsehair, wool, cotton, and chenille in various lengths and patterns create a surface that is subtle to the eye but incredibly rich to the touch; an outstanding piece of avant garde design destined for the home of a true connoisseur.


Meteoric Stone Rug by Studio GGSV for Ege Carpets

Like a glimpse into the swirling mysteries of the universe, the Meteoric Stone Rug (2017) by Studio GGSV (Gaëlle Gabillet and Stéphane Villard) for Ege Carpets brings the awe and wonder of space into your home. Remarkable for the impeccable rendering of the minute details in color gradation and line, the digitally printed piece is available in acrylic or wool. A real show-stopper.


Opticals Rug by Begum Cana Ozgur for Form&Seek

Inspired by Op-Art and the technical strictures of traditional weaving methods, the Opticals Rug (2017) by Begum Cana Ozgur for Form&Seek is an hypnotic visual experience rendered in minimalist black and white wool. The illusion of movement is created through precise manipulations of the vertical lines that are the carpet’s only visual device.


Ray Rug in New Zealand Wool by Cody Hoyt & Kinder Modern

A fruitful partnership between American artist Cody Hoyt and Kinder Modern resulted in a series of stunning rugs that reinterpret the artist’s work in ceramics as textiles. The Ray Rug (2017) is a standout specimen from the collection; the swirling textures and opulent palette are brought decidedly into the 21st century with the irregular geometric shape of the piece.


Modular Carpet R01-140 by Chmara.Rosinke

The Modular Carpet R01-140 (2017) by Viennese studio Chmara.Rosinke convinces not only with its interesting abstract design and unusual form; the three-piece rug series can also be rearranged to create new compositions in different spaces or to bring in some variation to a single space over time.


Annapurna Nepal Carpet by Jono Concepts

The Nepal Carpet Annapurna by Jono Concepts echoes the subtle plays of light and shadow that fall over snow-covered mountains in the Himalayas. The poetic, monochrome result is achieved through the seamless integration of different materials—silk and wool—to create an undulating depth and varied reflections that change with the light in the room. A touch of magical, glacial wilderness for your home.


Rainbow Shell Rug by Michaela Schluypen for Floor to Heaven

The Rainbow Shell Rug by Michaela Schluypen for Floor to Heaven, with its organic, concentric design, is beautifully hand-embroidered in cotton. The batik dyed background in deep blue and white hues adds a Boho-chic touch to this striking piece of contemporary craft.


Oci Rug by Seraina Lareida for Portego

Young Swiss designer Seraina Lareida has created a luscious collection of geometric rugs in 100% New Zealand wool for Italian atelier Portego—and the Oci Rug is a stand-out. Inspired by the historical charm of the windows of Venetian buildings, the carpet brings together tonal variations in wool of differing lengths, alluding to the shifting effects of the light over the architectural form of the windows. The Oci Rug is available in three different shapes—each in three color palettes—and they can even be tessellated to create a larger, graphic constellation.


*All images courtesy of the designers and makers.


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