Milan design editor-curator Annalisa Rosso picks pieces that spark conversation

Annalisa's Wish List

We were so delighted to learn that our friend and fellow design nerd, Annalisa Rosso, has recently accepted a consulting position with the legendary Domus magazine. Annalisa has spent years contributing to the contemporary design discourse through her writing and curating project, digging deep into the conceptual frameworks that make design meaningful. Along the way, she's earned a reputation as a dedicated student of design culture, both past and present. Last year, her Design the Future Manifesto for the Operae fair shined a spotlight on the political nature of design work exactly at a moment when the world was feeling just how volatile politics can get. 

If you're looking for design inspiration catered to those who appreciate leading-edge design thinking and collect potent design objects, take a gander at Annalisa's wish list. You'll find pieces that spark fascinating conversation about what design is and what it can be.


Mobile Hospitality by Chmara.Rosinke (2011)

“The designs that interest me the most are the ones that experiment with new ways of living and working while indulging temporary and flexible actions. Mobile Hospitality  by the Austrian duo Chmara.Rosinke is beautiful and rich, full of functional details, yet agile and lightweight. I love its take on efficiency.”

Mobile Hospitality by Chmara.Rosinke (2011) Photo © Chmara.Rosinke


Bambole Sofa by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia (1972)

“This is my ideal sofa. I love everything: the material, the dimension, the embracing shape, the exposed seams. With just a glance, you immediately know how comfortable it is. For me, it is one of the best designs from one of the greatest Italian masters, Mario Bellini.”

Bambole Sofa by Mario Bellini for B&B Italia (1972) Photo © This Sign


Sculptural Chair by Martino Gamper (2008)

“When I occasionally think that contemporary design takes itself too seriously, I remember the work of Martino Gamper. The supremely simple way he demolishes and rebuilds certain design assumptions for me it is just so exciting. I would like to have this genial piece as a reminder to not take anything for granted.”

Sculptural Chair by Martino Gamper (2008) Photo © Frank Landau


Adult Game by Gala Fernández (2015)

“This design offers various materials in varying colors—none of which have any specific, limiting function. The talented Spanish design Gala Fernández has made a meditative game for adults, as it says in the name. Pick up the interesting pieces, hold them up in your hand, look at them, compose them freely, and get lost in thought. It’s pure pleasure.”

Adult Game by Gala Fernández (2015) Photo © Gala Fernández


Giubbotto Vase by Andrea Anastasio (2014)

“This piece is just so amusing—to think that one of the most fragile objects there is, a vase, can be protected by stuffed pillows! Or is it maybe a bulletproof jacket? And suddenly the fragility doesn’t seem funny anymore. A poetic piece from Italian artist-designer Andrea Anastasio.”

Giubbotto Vase by Andrea Anastasio (2014) Photo © Galleria Luisa delle Piane


MGM Lamp by Lapo Binazzi for Gruppo UFO and Studio Alchimia (1969)

This work anti-design by Lapo Binazzi deals with freedom and rebellion, with independent and critical thought. The MGM Lamp mimics the Hollywood studio logo but replaces the lion head with light bulbs. Such a whip and brilliant irony, which I think we could all use more of these days.”

MGM Lamp by Lapo Binazzi for Gruppo UFO and Studio Alchimia (1969) Photo © Vaspaar


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