Special edition 3/2 Table Lamp by Poul Henningsen available now through December!

Get It While It’s Hot

By Wava Carpenter

“The technician should never forget that he is an artist; the artist never that he is a technician.” —Poul Henningsen (1894-1967)

Poul Henningsen fans, listen up! Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen is producing a special edition of Henningsen’s beloved 3/2 Table Lamp, but only through December of this year.

The original design dates to 1927 and has become an icon of modernism thanks to its ingenious, ergonomic shade design that diffuses glare while radiating a warm, friendly glow upwards, downwards, and all around.

The 2018 special edition lamp features an amber-hued, mouth-blown glass shade in Henningsen's signature tiered design, along with a brushed brass stem and frosted brass switch. Henningsen's initials are beautifully engraved on the base.

If you love Henningsen’s lamp designs—and really, who doesn’t?—then act fast. After December, this edition will be closed.




*All images courtesy of Louis Poulsen


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      Wava Carpenter

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