Fiery palettes to bring the zing in any interior

Turn Up the Heat

"Put on your red shoes and dance the blues..." —David Bowie, Let's Dance


From oxblood to cherry, scarlet to magenta, red is a color that evokes passion, lifts the spirits, and immediately brings a sense of dynamism. The embodiment of energy, red more than any other color commands our attention. It's an invaluable tool to highlight a particularly prized possession in an otherwise neutral interior or, if you dare, to create an immersive environment of seduction.

If you looking for ideas on how to harness the power of red and its heart-warming, attention-grabbing, bold-yet-intimate cousins, we’ve got you covered. Check out this selection of rose-hued furniture, lighting, and accessories to help you turn up the heat and spice things up.



Royal Red

Red is the color of royalty, and these deliciously inviting vintage seating options have an undeniably regal air. The Swedish Burgundy Egg Chair with Ottoman from S. M. Wincrantz carries a 1970s groovy-sage vibe, just dripping with the rich confidence of a deep red. The Danish Mid-Century Modern Elm Living Room Set offer a royal red with a Boho flair, with the beautiful elm wooden spoke detail on the armrests.


Red at Ease

For more informal 1970s lounging options—which are effortlessly chic in a contemporary space—consider the Chromatique Lounge Chair by legendary Hong Kong-born designer Kwok Hoi Chan and the Modular 3-Seater Sofa Set by Don Chadwick for Herman Miller. Both available in an arresting reds, these armless easy chairs are more than a little amorously inclined.


Red Lines

Just as with the current style of hanging low pendant lamps over a seating arrangement or dining table is all about creating a striking focal point in a room, you can use red side chairs or dining chairs to make a space pop. We love the Red Beams Chair by hip Taiwanese designer EAJY and the Red Another Country Chair—both of which have an upbeat, graphic quality that will immediately energize an interior.


A Side of Scarlet

A side table is a great way to update a space, especially if you’re brave enough to add a big splash of color! The Puddle Table by French designer Sophia Taillet is delicate enough that it won’t overpower, but zesty enough—with those fun details on the frame, and the bright color—to instantly freshen things up. The LULU Side Table in Orient Rose Marble and powder-coated steel by German designer Johanenlies offers a bolder, graphic statement in the frame that is slightly softened by the pink marble—an utterly au courant palette.


Crimson Crown

Red tableware and tabletop accessories can instantly take an interior from drab to fab by providing interest and intensity to a dining set. Pump up the volume with the postmodern remixing flair of CTRLZAK’s Motley R Tablecloth or the minimalist yet impactful S Red RINGO Tray by Italian designer Elia Mangia for STIP.


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