Spirit Gallery

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Spirit Gallery is the first collectible furniture, lighting and decorative arts space in Rabat, the historic capital of Morocco, with a showroom in Paris. Their gallery presents a harmonious mix of iconic pieces and engaging 20th-century furniture. All pieces are curated by designer Jonathan Amar, a pioneer in the countries interior design scene and one of the first to export a fusion of Moroccan craftsmanship with cutting-edge design. In forty years he has decorated and designed furniture for more than a hundred hotels, restaurants, and clubs in the world. With a strong focus on Italian mid-century designs, his success strives from sourcing designs with striking shapes, creative techniques and interesting materials that cross the concept of time in the same way a Spirit does. The 350 square meter workspace includes a lighting gallery, a restoration atelier, where expert artisans restore each piece with the mission to honor tje balance between restoration and preservation.